About us

SC DOMA SRL is a privately owned company established in 1995, registered with the Trade Registry under the number J07 / 141/1995, having the fiscal code RO7276241, being situated in Cătămărăşti Deal, Nr.725, M. Eminescu Village, Botosani County, Romania.

The specific activity of SC DOMA SRL is the production of wheat barley and expanded cereals obtained from husked wheat with addition of flavors and food colorants. The employee staff is highly qualified having a long-term work experience.

SC DOMA SRL is involved in obtaining high quality food from the innocuity products point of view, coming aut to greet the customers’ requirements and expectations, company having implemented and certified IFS FOOD version 6 in April 2014.

Short History

In 1994 Mr. Pînzaru Constantin and Mr. Huţanu Gabriel started the construction of the equipment to produce pufarins/expanded cereals as an early idea from the faculty. Some of the equipment components were designed and built in their own direction. For the first years the production took place in a small space ~ 100 sm with a small number of employees max. 10, and after a while another 2 production spaces were built in the area of 1100 sqm. Here were produced the following assortments: Wheat Pearl Barley, Wheat Grain Cereals with Honey, Cocoa, Rice Cereals with Honey, Cocoa, and Base Product Pufarin/expended cereals – called PUFIDOM. a period of investment development followed by expanding production areas, warehousing facilities, the proper fitting of the technological flow and the acquisition of high-performance machines, the production increasing from one month to the next. 2012 is the year that marks the beginning of the construction of a new headquarters in Cătămărăşti Deal, Botoşani County.

At the Moment

On May 21, 2016, the company opened its new headquarters, which consists of production, storage, auxiliary spaces, disposed on 3 levels GF + 1 + 2,(ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor), with an area of 3600 sqm, 6000 sqm of concrete yard and a staff of 40 of people. The capacity of production is 250 t / month, the company delivering on domestic and foreign markets (Italy, France, Spain, England). The technology used has been fully upgraded.

New Product Development

Because there were opportunities in the new space, and the company also had unused equipment, it came the necessity and the opportunity to study the technological possibilities in order to obtain new products such as expanded cereal bars, wheat flour and expanded rice, as well as to diversify the range of expanded / extruded products for increasing the addressability of new target groups (people with celiac disease). The company would also like to transpose new technologies to produce wheat or non-wheat cereal products by using extrusion. For this S.C. DOMA SRL has concluded a research contract with Stefan cel Mare University on the topic: Study on possibilities of diversification of the range of expanded cereal products and implementation of the IFS Food quality standard.

The principles on which our work is based are:
• Increasing the confidence of our customers and employees in the company, in its ability to deliver exclusively quality products and services that are safe and secure to consumers, constantly;
• Delivering to customers only products and services conforming to specified and safe conditions for consumption, at the specified deadlines, in order to increase their satisfaction;
• Permanent optimization of the quality level of our products and services while reducing the number of scraps and customer complaints;
• Expanding collaboration in various supermarket networks and distributors across the country and creating long-term partnerships with our collaborators.

The main objectives in the field of food quality and safety of our organization for meeting these principles are as follows:
• maintaining the FSSC 22000 food quality and safety management system within SC DOMA SRL and creating the premises for the implementation of IFS Food version 6;
• Prevention of nonconformities in all areas of the organization;
• Training and motivation of the staff to continuously improve food quality and safety;

In the hope of good collaboration in the future, we look forward to contacting us about any aspect of our company or our products.

Our mission is to provide the simplest, most convenient and efficient way to meet our customers’ needs.

In DOMA S.R.L. a strong organizational culture is promoted and customer orientation is of fundamental value. The services offered, but especially their quality are the trumps that recommend us.

The business that deserves to be done is the good ones, the very good ones and those with us.